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Voice Grocery Shopping List

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Your Grocery shopping made simple and super easy!!Preparing the grocery list is made simple by voice-to-text feature throughout the app. Creating a new list from an existing template list will help you remember the items that are bought very often and also reduce data entry. All items are grouped into aisles and these aisles can be arranged to match your favorite grocery store layout to optimize your shopping.
Strike off the items as you shop.Add quantity and price to stay on budget.If you are not interested in tracking price and quantity, you can hide them as well.The grocery list can be sent as an email in a easy-to-read format.
Option to create TO-DO list to keep track of your related activities.
Once you create a few templates and the usual lists, use the backup option in the app to store the data in your own storage card. Advanced users can even copy this data from storage card to your home computer.
Features:---------* Prepare grocery list with voice* Prepare to-do list* Add items with quantity and price* Group items by aisles* Customize the list to show/hide price, quantity and totals* Voice read out of grocery list* Strike off the items as you shop* Store the items you buy used very often as a template* Arrange aisles as per grocery store layout* Pre-loaded grocery templates* E-mail grocery list in easy to read format* Scroll only grocery list* Backup and restore your grocery lists* Perfect app to optimize your grocery shopping.* The ultimate shopping list app in android market* With everything in your template you will never go out of milk or eggs or any of your groceries.* Full refund if reported within 24 hours of purchase. please read refund policy at the bottom of description.
Watch the training video by going to for "Voice Grocery List"
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Refund Policy:This refund is provided by the application developer to extend the 15 minutes refund provided by google to 24 hours.So if you are refunding within 15 minutes, the "refund" button on market application should work.
Once you go past 15 minutes after purchase, to get a full refund, uninstall the application from your android phone and send a mail to with the following detailsorder number,Your first and last name on google check out,Reason for refund.
Refund Restrictions:you have 24 hours from the time of purchase to return an application purchased through Android Market for a full refund. You may only return a given application once; if you subsequently purchase the same app again, you may not return it a second time.The refund is effective for all the applications purchased after 05-feb-2011 1:30 pm pst.